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The one before this one. | The next one.

Seattle & Canada

Besides one really terrible thing, this trip has been a lot of fun! I've gotten to hang with a bunch of my close friends, explore some places I've been wanting to (both new and newish-to-me), and pick up a few things for myself that I've had my eye on.

Tuesday was Elly & Sara's 21st bday at Baltic Room. It was a fun night and I was quite happy to be able to be there to celebrate with them! I got to reconnect with a lot of people I hadn't seen in awhile.

Wednesday was Dohmer night with Powermitten. We watched Dohmer on Netflix and it was pretty intense... Highly recommended. That guy was a genius. Dohmer brilliant, if you will. I'd seen most of the movie once before and had been wanting to finish it, so that was nice :P

Thursday was sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR! at Jodi & Elly's place. Besides some drama later in the night, everything went pretty awesomely and I got to spin a lot of Electro Swing, Bassline House, and Speed Garage :) Sadly, Sara couldn't make it, but a bunch of my AO family was there which made it the best <3

Friday was Exit Canada up in the Vancouver area. We went to this place and the premise is you and 5 others get locked in one of 4 scenario rooms and have 45 minutes to escape using logic, puzzle solving, and other skills. We went into the Jail scenario and had to get out of our cells and continue our way through the facility in an attempt to escape. We didn't make it all the way out, but our team was happy with its progress. We did pretty well together :) We're definitely going back to try some of the other scenarios, and eventually try the one we attempted again. Dragon housed us and it was awesome.

Saturday was return to the US and adventures are Unicorn Meat Parade and Monkey Loft! On the way back from Canada, we stopped at this awesome dumpling place and it was legit. Def going to stop there again in the future. I got to UMP a bit later than everyone else, but it was just in time to have an awesome late afternoon and lead-in to the evening. Pizza madness ensued and then we got ready and headed out to Monkey Loft for a night on the town! I love Monkey Loft- I'd been there once before quite late at night and had vowed to return for a full experience and this was it. The bartenders were awesome- they had all the proper tools to make fantastic craft cocktails and they made them proper. The decor of the place lends itself to fancy cocktails, but for some reason I hadn't expected it. The music was awesome most of the night and the crowd included a lot of people who knew how to move on the dance floor. I love watching people dance :) It was an all-around fun evening.

Sunday and Monday were Rozi fun time and resting up at Fizzbetch Flat over in West Seattle! We were going to check out one of my favorite bar/restaurants in West Seattle, The Matador, but apparently they had closed the night before for week-long renovations, so instead we headed across the street to West 5 to see what it was all about. What we found was a nice craft cocktail bar that also happens to serve really delicious food! I may be going to The Matador a lot less now... Pleasant surprises are always the best :) Monday morning was all about sleeping in because I was feeling retty under the weather, but that dissipated by early afternoon. LEGO movie happened (3rd time for me) and then we spent some time afterwards self-pampering. I got a rad safety razor and shaving brush along with a 3 month supply of all the fancy oils, creams, and aftershaves I will need to properly use said fancy new tools! (Thanks Deo!) Very excited to try them out once I get home!!!

Monday night I headed up to Mason's new place and got to meet the cute guy he's into. We had a chill night and then I got some more much needed rest.

Tuesday was mostly a work day, though I'd been working between fun things on most all the weekdays I'd been up here anyway... Work still needs me and I love doing my job :P

Flying home tomorrow morning with kind of a mixed headspace... I'm glad I have the amazing friends I do up here and for all they did for me all week. I love you guys <3

See you soon, SoCal!


( 1 is the lonliest comment — Be Cool )
Apr. 6th, 2014 04:44 pm (UTC)
Clearly I am behind on my LJ reading!

It was awesome hosting you and now you have a key so you're welcome any time :)

How's the razor treating you? I loved my sample of the goods - best shave I've ever had!
( 1 is the lonliest comment — Be Cool )