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Turning a New Old Leaf: Week 2 (So Far)

Week 1 was a success as far as I'm concerned. I didn't workout all the days I wanted to, but things were crazy so I let it slide. By the end of the week I was making some adjustments to my diet based on how I felt and what was available to me. Saturday kind of took me off guard as I was out of the house a lot longer than expected, so I wasn't prepared with snacks or water while I was out. I managed with a bun-less grilled chicken sandwich, though, and I felt good about that. I'm not 100% avoiding wheat or anything, but I have significantly downsized my consumption of it. Plus, buns add a ton of calories I'd rather fill with something better. Sunday I tried some delicious vegan pizza and I managed to make this "raw cookie dough" type stuff from peanut butter and chickpeas that was surprisingly spot on and also delicious. Score one for Pinterest!

Week 2 has been a lot more awesome. Monday was a wash... I slept in and ended up spending the whole day attempting to put together some stuff for a fellow raver who passed away over the weekend. We got a fund setup to help his family pay for the funeral and burial as well as got an event put together for the ravers to celebrate his life and to generate more funding. I didn't work out, but I did do 10x pushups a few times throughout the day. I didn't eat much throughout the day, but again, so much was going on. I think I just needed a day to put myself back together. Yesterday I woke up, worked out (back, chest, and arms), drank my first protein shake in awhile, and managed to eat spot on throughout the day. After my dinner meal I decided to go for a brisk walk. I ended up crossing under the 57 and making my way through the CSUF campus with a stop at Target to pick up a few groceries I needed on my way home. Today I woke up early (before 8, and not cranky or unrested!), worked out (Ab Ripper X), and have thus far been eating well. I think I will do another brisk walk tonight after dinner as I felt pretty awesome after yesterday's adventure.

Go Team K!

How is everyone else doing with their fitness and healthy eating goals?

Turning a New Old Leaf

I haven't been great about fitness or eating well since I moved to California. Hopefully, that's about to end.

Before I moved, I was in the best shape of my life. It took almost a year of healthy eating, 6 days a week of workouts, and cutting out alcohol completely. It was easy because I had Cousin there. We worked out together, prepare some of our meals together, and supported each other throughout.

This is round 2. It's not going to be easy, but whatever. I started this past Monday, April 15.

While I don't believe it necessary to cut out alcohol completely this time around, my plan includes drastically reducing my alcohol intake; mostly cutting the mindless over-drinking. Until May 4th, I'm attempting to not drink any alcohol unless it's at a CCCP meeting. (I'll flesh out the rest of the alcohol plan when I get through to May.)

I've cut out soda, anything with high fructose corn syrup, most drinks with artificial sweeteners (I will make an exception for the necessary sugar free energy drink here and there, but I'm definitely cutting back on Crystal Light). I have been making infused water and making sure to drink a lot of it. My favorite so far is lemon cucumber ginger mint water! It's fun trying different combinations of fruits and veggies. I'm not huge on normal water, so this is a game changer. My fridge is stocked with so many veggies! I've been eating greek yogurt with banana and some chia seeds in the mornings with a small glass of orange juice. Salads and raw veggies throughout the day. A spoonful of natural peanut butter (the kind with only peanuts and some salt) here and there for some extra umph. I've also been buying the roasted chickens from the grocery store and eating a serving of the meat without the skin once a day. I also have tuna, dill relish (one of the few processed items I decided was okay here and there), and if i really need it (rarely), I have some olive oil mayo to drop in as well. So far so good. I feel good. I eat something small about every 2 hours in hopes of boosting my metabolism, and am getting better about not eating late at night. So I'm happy on the food/drink front.

My sleeping schedule is still in flux, but I'm hoping to get a good 7 hours most nights. Working on that...

I did my first workout today. Need to come up with a real plan, but for today I just followed my old Ab Ripper X video. (And by followed I mean attempted to keep up with, but it was a bit much!) I need to get some protein powder to make it legit.

All in all, I'm excited to be getting this all underway finally. Check on me. Bitch me out if I fall out of step. I'd appreciate it.

Love you guys <3

P.S. Advice and suggestions are welcome! I know you guys know stuff I don't, especially about healthy food prep!


As SuPeR K!, I've spent many years spreading my love of Happy Hardcore near and far. Today I'm presenting two exciting new side projects: Subaroo & K Line- spinning Electro Swing & Bassline House, respectively. Opening Act is my first foray into these genres. It's heavy on the Electro Swing with a tasty Bassline House finish. Listen, dance, groove, enjoy, and spread the love :)


P.S. Expect individual mixes from these two side projects as I grow and cultivate my collection of tracks in each of these awesome genres!

Check it out now on Soundcloud!


Lately I've been thinking a lot about maybe moving into a new apartment... I love my apartment, but I'm craving change. There are some really cool ones I'm interested in looking into- like the 2 story with bedroom loft layout in the complex Mark and Lance live in. They are a bit more expensive, but I'm still actively looking into it. Not too far from where I am now- more south, near the 22 and Grand. We'll see what happens there. I've also been thinking a lot about getting a house. I know it's not anywhere near feasible at the moment, but it's something I'd like to do in the next couple of years. It would be amazing to have my own place that's actually mine.

Downsizing and actually following through with some plans to build myself new furniture are currently on the front burner. I want to build a slightly lofted bed with a cozy workspace below that includes a lot of storage space, placement of all my current and future deejay equipment, and has the bed part not super high off the ground. I drew up the plans before I moved to California, just haven't executed them yet. I'm excited to start working on this :)

I've also got a list of some things I'm hoping to purchase in the next few months... 2 Pioneer CDJ-900s, some new Ikea bookshelves, a wine fridge to properly cellar my preciouses, a trash compactor, and possibly a new energy efficient freezer-on-the-bottom double-door fridge to cut back on noise and energy consumption. I also really want to get the controlled-by-your-iPhone Phillips LED bulb system. Maybe I'll end up with that first. I dunno. I've been really good about keeping up with work hours and doing side jobs in my off time, so I should be able to afford all of that stuff by spring!

I'm told that a work order has been put in to fix hose fountain, but the company our complex hired to do all our fountain maintenance has not made any moves yet. Hopefully that will get remedied soon as well.

sPiN! sPiN!'s 9 year anniversary starts on Thursday!!! We're going to have special shows every week through the end of November, details forthcoming. I've got a ton of programming work to do before then, though, so hopefully we can launch our new show interface in time. I just need to make it happen. This is my baby. I'm excited to celebrate 9 years of this marriage of things I love- music and web development. The great friendships and memories of the past 9 years through sPiN! are something I truly cherish. Looking forward to many more years of awesome!

In other news, today my cousin Jim and Amber are getting married! The wedding will be the first time my entire immediate family and step family are all at the same place at the same time. My mom is in from Georgia, my full brother Kevin and my dad will be there, as well as my stepmom, my half bro Keenan, and my stepbro Brian/Keith. It should be interesting to say the least. The wedding is also forcing all of my aunts and uncles, who all seem to have some kind of drama with each other, to man up and hang out together without excuses. I'm expecting an eventful day- hopefully in a good way! I'm excited for Jim and Amber- they are both really awesome and I'm looking forward to being able to call Amber my cousin :) Welcome to the family!!!

There's a lot of awesome about to happen, and I'm diving in! Let's see how successful I am in a few months... LOL

So Much!

I have so much to say and no clue where to start!

Atlantis' Aquaventure water park on Paradise Island, Bahamas was amazing. I want to go back. Let me re-phase that: I must go back!!! They weren't kidding when they named it Paradise Island! So much beautiful, so much awesome. The lazy river is a mile long and includes rapids, waves, and split offs which take you up a conveyer belt onto water coaster slides and dump you right back into other parts of the river! Hours of unending awesome! I also got a nice tan :)

Being out on a boat (cruise ship in this case) at night in the middle of nowhere with no light pollution, save what is coming from the ship, surrounded in all directions by water and big clear sky and stars was something of a sight to behold! I didn't realize how the Pirates 1-4 marathon we watched the weekend before my trip would make everything I saw that much more beautiful. I could imagine being out on a pirate ship taking in the calm beautiful night because I did exactly that on our cruise ship and could only imagine how much more awesome it would be with the absolute zero light pollution afforded by older times. It was so serene; one of those moments where you just suck in the beauty of the universe and truly appreciate it in all its epic splendor.

Needless to say, I had an amazing trip. I'm so effing happy to be home, though. SoCal is home. I love it here :)

Not even back 24 hours and it's time to start prepping for tonight's sPiN! sPiN! LaLa! birthday celebration that is likely to draw 20 or so people to my place... Better get to work.

Big thanks to Kyle (Orange) for inviting me to the Bahamas! It was the best.


Thanks universe! So much to be thankful for :)

In no particular order:

My own place.
Great gas mileage in my car.
Best Friends EVAR.
Deejay gigs all over.
8 years of sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR!
sPiN! sPiN! Chat evolution and ability to hold up to a lot of traffic.
Mayorships galore.
A steady pay, long-term client.
Discovering wine.
Steak face.
White iPhone 4s with blue bumper.
World's Comfiest Bed.
Awesome godsons.
Being 30 and loving it.
Cousin and cousins.
Nature all around me.
Space clouds, stars, and other awesome.
Family minus the silly drama.
Sonic's Route 44 Strawberry Limeade during happy hour for $1.40, only a block from my place.
Supper Club 600.
Jason's ability to win his fight against almost failing health.
My mom doing well and being happy after emerging from those few rough years.
Pregnant friends bringing new awesome into the world soon!
Cushe shoes. Amazing!
Old Spice Fiji line of products.
Great memories from the past year.
Exciting future adventures just waiting to happen!!!

To Be Continued...


One of my longest-standing goals ever was realized today. synk and I took a surfing lesson together and it was nothing short of amazing. I even have bruises to prove it! Hahaha! We both were able to stand on our boards by the end of the lesson and I was getting pretty good at choosing and catching waves all by myself!!! I can't believe how well I did. Totally impressed. I mean, I was able to stand on my second try! It was so exhilarating! I always though surfing would be awesome, but I never imagined it being this amazing. With that said, I definitely see owning a wetsuit and surfboard in my somewhat-near future.

Thank you Brendan! Surfing definitely rivals Napa in the scope of birthday awesomeness! :)

Two awesome goals realized around my 30th. Looking forward to a future full of lots more happy.

P.S. My arms are jelly at the moment. I'm exhausticated!

Update! (OMG I'm 30! Yay For Growing Up!)

So things are looking up! I had an amazing 30th birthday and I couldn't be happier :) Thanks to everyone who contributed to making it one of the best birthdays I've ever experienced!

The trip to Napa with Ginny was so awesome. I learned so much about wine making, grape varieties, the effects of weather, soil, landscape, and location, what grapes I am absolutely in love with, what wineries never to visit again, and most importantly how to totally pwn Napa via birthdays, Foursquare, nice clothes, and knowledge! Thanks so much Ginny!!!

I got to spend the night at a good friend's house the night before my birthday so I was there at midnight and it made me really happy! It was awesome. I even got to go hiking the next morning before heading out to start celebrating!

I threw myself a surprise party on my actual birthday where the surprise was the guests didn't know what we were doing to celebrate! So fun. The surprise? Team mini golf! The team names? Team All Over Your Face. Team Fantasmic! The Darlings. Wolf Pack Plus One. We even stayed late enough for them to turn the lights off on the course as we attempted to finish the last few holes! Hahaha So awesome. It's all over your face!

Trip to Vegas was a success in that I didn't have a breakdown. I got to see awesome friends including some from Jersey I hadn't seen in YEARS. It was really fun. My mom even was in town :) I love you guys!

So yeah. Back to the grind! So much work to catch up on, but I'm managing... Hehe

Tonight? First sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR! in weeks!!! Pulled pork is stewing in the slow cooker for our pre-sPiN dinner and Ginny is bringing some awesome wine. Good friends are heading over. So excited!

Life is good. Welcome to 30!!!

Let's Go!

Went for a jog this morning at the Fullerton Arboretum! Woke up before 8am, got dressed, and just went. It's right over the freeway from my place so I walked over there and then took a few laps through all the beautiful foliage and around the ponds. I could so get used to this :)

Desert Party

I spun at a desert party last night and it was so much fun! Powermitten would approve ;) I miss spinning at events... Book me, promoters :)