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It's been a wild past few months! Mom visited, SoHo got married, put on a rad Thanksgiving with my cousin Maggie and the help of Aunt Louise, worked, saved, packed, and moved to Fullerton, CA! My new place is rad. It's a studio and I live here all by myself :) First place I've ever lived alone and I'm loving it! The weather is perfect. I have great friends out here, and I'm keeping in touch with my Vegas friends as well so it's nice all around on the friend front! O lives not too far away so we get to hang out a lot which is really really awesome :) I cooked my first meal here the other night- Spicy Noodles with homemade applesauce, of course! I'm so predictable sometimes... Coincidentally it was also the first meal I've cooked for O (other than FAIL wanna-be omelets some time ago which didn't turn out as omelets, but were still quite awesome) and we agreed that dinner was delicious! We both had extreme second helpings.

My first deejay gig out here was on the night of my move... I basically unloaded my truck with the help of some awesome friends, showered, and headed to the venue to play! The crowd was awesome and I got to meet some of my devout sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR! listeners which was really nice. I also bumped into lots of deejay, emcee, and promoter friends at the event and was happy to tell them I was now a local and ready to take on bookings in the area. A+!

Before I moved, I applied for a super awesome job very close to my new place that pays well, comes with benefits and a 401K, and that I am extremely qualified for. I received an email response a few days before the move telling me that out of 50+ applicants I had made the top 4 and requested that I answer some interview questions to proceed. After the move I spent a lot of time working on my answers to the very interesting and vaguely-worded questions and submitted them before the requested deadline. This job would be a dream come true- complete with steady paycheck and work I love to do... I have a really good chance of getting the position so I'm anxiously awaiting a reply. Bonita!

I'm deejaying up in Seattle this weekend at Happy Chronica (Thanks Doughboy!) The party is on Saturday @ the Old Rainier Brewery which has been talked up as best venue ever by some good friends, so I'm really excited to get to play there! We're also doing sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR! LIVE from the F*CK YEAH Lounge right outside Seattle this Thursday to pump up the party! We might do a ticket giveaway or something, too... I gotta find out for sure first! You can stay in the know via the show's Twitter feed @spinspinssuper! Can't wait :) Just need to find a ride to the airport on Thursday...

Hello California! Hello happiness! YAY!

Trying Times

It's been a tough few weeks. While I don't feel the need to go into detail, it's just been bad news and more bad news. My heart goes out to all my friends who are suffering through hell right now. I love you all so much and it hurts me so to see you having to go through what you are.

Moving Right Along...

Since I announced my intent to move in my last (friends only) entry, I've spent a lot of time looking around online at apartments for rent. It's a bit overwhelming since I'm not exactly sure *where* in SoCal I want to live and most of the sites don't really offer great ways to compare features of different complexes. I'd like to have a washer and drier in my place (that's pretty standard here in Vegas), but I don't see that offered in too many places. I also am trying to find a good deal. While I could probably afford $1100/month if I had to, I'd be able to live much more comfortably paying $900/month. Some of the complexes include some or all of the utilities in their rent prices which would be a huge plus.

I'm getting really excited about my move even though it's still quite a few months away! I've spent a lot of time going over budgeting and making plans and things are starting to come together... I'm a bit nervous just because this will be such a big change, but it's exhilarating!

If you live in SoCal and want to hang at Disneyland, I'll be there this Saturday :) Come play!
It's that haunting time of year, and for all of us at //superk.dj/ that means it's time to pull out all the Halloween decorations and party it up on our very special Halloween edition of sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR!:

sPiN! sPiN! sPooKy! ^--^

Tell your friends and join the fun TONIGHT at //superk.dj/

It's Almost KANDIELAND Time!

KANDIELAND 6 is almost here and I'm more excited than I've ever been for a KL party because this time I'm deejaying! I'm so beyond ecstatic it's ridiculous :) It's a dream come true and I can't wait!

I finished building the promotional site for the event yesterday and it makes the KL5 site I made look boring in comparison. It's pretty intense and I'm super excited at how it came out :)

Check out the KANDIELAND 6 site!

If you've never been to a KANDIELAND party in AZ and you like hardcore music (like the stuff I play) then I would definitely recommend attending! This year Ruben and I are going together again, Aimee will be there, Colin is coming (all the way from Scotland!), and I'm sure a ton of other friends and fans will be there too!

October 10 will be a good, good night. Will you be there? :)


I'm so in love with Seattle. The more time I spend there, the more I want to move there. My recent trip was a nice 6 day adventure in awesome! My primary residence while I was there was Fizzbetch Manor (as it is know on foursquare), other wise know as Rozi's or Josh's place (but is also Haylee's place). Since I wasn't drinking, I had so much more time to go out and explore the city and hang out with friends. I've become a top-seated amateur in the art of Seattle public transportation. That is quite awesome since I would likely take the buses more often than drive if I lived there. Everything is just a bus or two away! I ate pho at Tan Bros (sp?), got new headphones, broadcasted my show from The Lab, explored the Pacific Science Center, enjoyed sushi, rocked the show at ROFLcopter, visited the Junction for deliciousness at the Matador, partied it up at SuperBetch house party, checked out a rad Italian/Spanish tapas place, stopped by the infamous Section One, enjoyed an epic shopping adventure to find the incredibly-difficult-to-locate-in-Seattle-even-though-it-shouldn't-be hoodie, went out for *surprise* dinner and a movie, and finished the trip off with a rad photo shoot! There was a ton more, but those are most of the highlights! I also got to see a few Mizaki films which were all rad :) Seattle and all of my rad friends up there make me so happy... Thank you guys! Looking forward to another trip up there (hopefully very) soon!!!

As for Vegas, ugh! At least I have some amazing friends and family here... I love you guys :)

Now it's time to head to LA to rock another show. I love getting the opportunity to deejay so often! HTID, BiTcHeS!

P.S. I was able to change my username both on here and on MySpace, so I'm pretty much keithsuperk everywhere online now! :)

Birthday Lunch in Vegas

Today: Birthday Lunch at Metro Pizza on Flamingo and Decatur in the Food4Less shopping center at 2pm! Come :)

Tomorrow: Actual Birthday at Disneyland!!! Come :)

The Good Life

Despite a few (important) things not going well in my life, there is much to smile about. I've been working out with Cousin for over a month now and our bodies are definitely showing great progress! I made it through the month of (mostly) avoiding alcohol and am still sober! There of course was the pre-arranged exception weekend for Disneyland's birthday, but even then I only had a few cocktails and stayed coherent. My last cocktail was consumed on July 18. Who knows if or when I'll start drinking again as I have no motivation to drink at this time. In other news, I started a rad new part-time job working with Katie at her dad's realty group partnership as an "administrative assistant" this past week and received my first paycheck today! The work is fun and always changing, plus, the office I work in and the people I work with totally make me happy. I've got tons of deejay gigs coming up in my quad-city region- Vegas, Seattle, LA, and Phoenix! Also, my web business is starting to pick up steam! There's so much going right that it's hard to imagine me still being a bit down, but I am. I'm moving on and keeping busy, but my heart still aches. Regardless, I'm doing my best to keep my chin up and enjoy all the greatness that has recently bestowed me! Good juju coming my way :)

DreamSequence and TheStart/Normandie

Despite their U-Haul with all their gear in it being stolen, DreamSequence played (IMHO) the best show I've ever seen them play! The last song was a lost cause, but they trucked through it anyway. They really shined tonight! TheStart/Normandie was also super amazing! I'm glad I went to the show. I got to see a lot of awesome people and talked to a few I was hoping to be able to.


The past few months have flown by and all the awesomeness just blurs together in my memory... I experienced so many rad things, got to hang out with so many amazing people, and enjoyed most every moment of it! :) A big thank you to everyone who has let me stay with them, driven me around, and teleported with me! As much as I would love to continue on with all this crazy teleportation, it looks like I'll be here in Vegas until mid-July. I've got to get some new contracts going and get my finances back in order stat and traveling won't help that at all... So as of now, the next time I plan to leave town is around July 17 for Disneyland's birthday. It will be nice to lay low for a few weeks. I'm hoping to get a daily exercise routine going soon so I can utilize the insane gym system we got on craigslist for $200 and get a bit more fit. I do tons of walking all the time, but I need to do more than that if I ever plan on getting my body back in noticeably better shape.

In other news, I got to hang with my mom a lot over the past two weeks! She was in town for a wedding and it was awesomeness to spend more time with her. Lots of good food, too! My mom's cooking is top notch :) Over the past few days I also picked out parts for and assembled a computer for my bro Kev ("Ducard") for his birthday. I brought it over this morning and we connected all the peripherals and such and it turned out *really* nice! Very happy about that...

iPhone 3.0 TOMORROW!!! So excited!!!

Anywho, back to the grind...